It's no secret that getting a job at Cabrini College is both a blessing and a curse, blessing because of the dynamic group of students, faculty, staff and alumni that you get to work with, but a curse because you probably won't be there too long....one bit of friendly advice for new employees from your friends at KeepJohnDzik.com-- rent, don't buy.  Below we will begin to examine some of the higher profile positions at Cabrini, and the high rate of turnover within those ranks.  Turnover is even higher at other levels, as the Middle States Evaluation Data shows.  Please feel free to email us any of your own stories and/or research.

Preamble... In the College's own Words, from the Middle States Self Evaluation, as reported by Shawn Rice of  The Loquitur on March 9, 2004:

Staff turnover of the last several years, including at the Cabinet level, has resulted in challenges in the area of employee morale and concern expressed by some long-term staff members about whether changes are in accord with the core values of the institution. This perception needs attention and consideration of ways to successfully address it, particularly given the imperative to protect employee privacy in personnel matters."

"For the period July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004, the director of human resources reports that the average number of employees at the college was 240. The total number of terminations during the year was 63, which represents 26.25 percent of employees. The college is taking steps to stabilize the rate of turnover and to provide various forums for staff to bring their concerns to the attention of the administration."

"A recent survey by Faculty Senate documents continued widespread faculty concern regarding current levels of compensation as well as the process by which faculty can demonstrate both voice and agency in budgetary decisions related to salary and benefits."

First up, Vice President of Student Development

From even before the beginning of Dr. Antoinette Iadarola's term as Cabrini College President in 1992, for 11 years there was one constant in this office, Dr. Robert Bonfiglio.  From 1988-1999 Dr. Bonfiglio was the center of this part of the Cabrini life, until, after the 1999 school year ended, Dr. Bonfiglio, left to 'pursue other opportunities.'  This would prove to be a common theme both in this office and others on campus.  Here are the facts as we know them, the tenure dates of this job from Dr. Bonfiglio to today's VP, Dr. Christine Lysionek, who finds herself in the middle of the 'John Dzik crisis'.







Dr. Robert Bonfiglio

Paul Weaver

Dr. Laura Valente

Dr. Richard Neville (Acting)

Dr. Christine Lysionek

Supporting Research:

Coming Soon: Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and others!