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3/16/2005 Steve Brown, Class of 1984 I know folks are talking about being removed from future Cabrini mailing lists. I have a slightly different idea.... stay on every list you can. When they ask for $$$ or invite you to taste some $200 wine and cheese, simply return your reply - empty - with either a picture of JD (which can be taken right from this site) or simply write - JOHN DZIK on a piece of paper. Or better yet .... write JOHN DZIK on a check and photocopy it a few dozen times. Then you can just send that in when they ask for $$$$.
Reply Webmaster Hmmm.. interesting.  What if we took it a step further, we should create 'Dzik Dollars', where we can download a graphic of a dollar bill with Dzik's picture on the front, the administration's famous "Trust Us"slogan as the caption, and a picture of the Mansion on the back.... What does everyone else think?  I think Iadarola and her mighty band of consultants would love that one.....   By the way, a few years ago, there was an editorial cartoon in the Loquitur, I believe it was in 1999 by Victor Sgro, that simply was a dollar bill with Iadarola's picture in the middle.... it was in response to the rise in tuition prices and rising construction on campus (that's something new, huh, check out this week's Loquitur)... rumor has it Iadarola was not pleased.  It's funny how history repeats itself.. If anyone has that cartoon, forward it to us, we'd like to add it to our ever growing collection of Iadarola memorabilia.