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Petition to Keep Coach John Dzik

February 16, 2005

President Iadarola, we the undersigned would like to express our disappointment and outrage over the College’s decision not to renew the contract of Head Men’s Basketball Coach John Dzik following the conclusion of the 2004-2005 season.

For the past 25 years, Dzik has done nothing but represent himself and the College with distinction and honor. He has been a role model to all of us who have had the privilege to know and interact with him.

While we respect the College’s decision not to discuss personnel matters, this situation transcends a typical business decision. We defy you to find on act of which could warrant Dzik’s contract not being renewed. His teams continue to do well. His students continue to do well. He continues to represent the College as the great ambassador he has been for the past 25 years. He has lived the education of the heart that Cabrini preaches.

We must also protest the way Dzik is being shown the door after 25 years of loyal service, approximately two years removed from when he graciously stepped aside as Director of Athletics so that the College would not lose one of its shining lights. How is his loyalty and honor repaid, by not allowing him to reach a coaching milestone that only a few have ever met – winning his 500th game.

We can see through the transparent form e-mail response that you have sent back to select alumni regarding their letters. You have insulted the College community with your response. There has been no legitimate reason given for this decision. Your statement that “College officials determined that new leadership would align the men’s basketball program more closely with the athletic department’s strategic agenda for the future,” is just a bunch of words that mean nothing.

We challenge you to explain them now. What has changed that his leadership is now not adequate?

We are joining 107 of our fellow alumni, classmates, current and former staff members, faculty and friends of Cabrini College and John Dzik and adding our names to the record of the continuing growing list of support for Dzik and to ask you to overturn this decision immediately. With this in mind, we would like to ask the College to remove our names from all solicitations immediately. Please no longer contact me I any of your fund raising efforts, as we can no longer in good conscience support a College that would treat one of our own in such a manner.

If you'd like to sign the petition, please send us an email with your name and your relationship to Coach or to Cabrini College (i.e. Class of 1998, or Friend of Cabrini). Click here to send us an email with your name for the petition.


Total Feb. 16 Petition Signatures -131

Alumni - 33
Matt Alzamora, Masters 2004
Eric Burke, Class of 1993
Brian Butler
Chris Callinan, Class of 1994
John Callinan, Class of 1989
Michael Callinan, Class of 1994
Matt Capone, Class of 1993
Patty Moore DiGiorgio, Class of 1989
Colleen Dorrian, Class of 2003
Nicole Faison, Class of 2002, Alumni Diversity Committee Member Resigned
Michelle Gabriel, Class of 2000
Carol Graff, Class of 2000
Melissa Hunsberger-Alcaro, Class of 1997
Carl Iacono, Class of 1992
Glen Jaskelcwicz, Class of 1991
Scott LeComti, Class of 1989
Patricia A. Lee, Class of 1992
Brian P. Kilroy, Class of 1990
Ed Mack, Class of 1998
Michael Mack, Former Cabrini Student
James Martin, Class of 1997
Shawn McAleer, Class of 1996
Joe Morris, Class of 1996
Pat Nolen, Class of 1986
Chris Pesotski, Class of 1992
Sherri Reed, Class of 1995
Jacklyn (Cooper) Rowe, Class of 2001
Kristyn Rudnick Hopkins - Class of 1995, former student athlete and Resident Assistant of Cabrini College
Bob Stackhouse, Class of 1977
Debbie Stackhouse, Class of 1979
Paul Stackhouse, Jr., Class of 2004
Katie Valerio, Class of 2000
Jennifer Weiderwax-Burns, Class of 1997

Current Students - 42

Christa Angeloni, Class of 2005
Brent Bemer, Class of 2006
Christine Blom, Class of 2007
Jason Catalantto, Class of 2005
Bridgit Clemens, Class of 2008
Lauren Corrado, Class of 2007
Kristina Daum, Class of 2005
Kyle Devers, Class of 2005
Shane Evans, Class of 2008
Karl Eversmeyer, Class of 2008
Desiree Ferrell, Class of 2005
Allison Gedion, Class of 2008
Sam Glackin, Class of 2005
Sean Gracey, Class of 2004
Justin Hallman, Class of 2006
Shannon Heacock, Class of 2005
Kelly James, Class of 2005
Megan Keyes, Class of 2007
Caitlin Langley, Class of 2006
Donnamarie Leason, Class of 2007
Ashley Lucci, Class of 2008
Ashley L. Maze
Kaitlin McAllister, Class of 2008
Jillian Milam, Class of 2007
Melina Moore, Class of 2006
Michael Murphy, Class of 2005
Phil Nicolo, Class of 2007
Holly Orlando, Class of 2005
Mary L. Proietta, Class of 2006
Kevin Rayer, Class of 2006
Shawn Rice
Billy Rowe, Class of 2006
Brad Santo, Class of 2005
Courtney Saunders, Class of 2008
Nina Scimenes, Class of 2006
Juli Shultz, Class of 2008
Lauren Smart, Class of 2007
Kristen Tharan, Class of 2006
Kim Tracey, Class of 2008
Ryan Wajenknight, Class of 2008
Deborah Williams, Class of 2008
Jess Winters, Class of 2006
Parents, Family and Friends - 65
Diane M. Adamo, Cabrini College Parent
Chris Ambrogi, Friend
Gerard Anderson, Cabrini College Parent
Tim Anderson, Friend
Paul Azarian, Friend
Joyce Masucci, Mother of Graduate
Rich Beatty, Friend
Jody Boon, Friend, Cabrini College Parent
Stephen Boon, Friend
S. Braddy, Friend
Tony Broechi, Friend
F. P. Burbidge, Friend
Mary Ann Clemens, Cabrini College Parent
Scott Clemens, Friend
Karina Conway, Friend
Maryann Crowe, Friend
Williams Crowe, Friend
Michele M. Devine, Friend
L. Dyal, Friend
Frank Farnese, Neumann College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Joe Giunta, Neumann College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Anne Golden, Friend
Catherin Good, Cabrini College Parent
Martin G. Good, Cabrini College Parent
Richard Hurtz, Friend
Richard Joseph, Friend
Mary Kelly, Spouse of College Employee
Jack Landrin, Cabrini College Parent
Edward Lindsey, Friend
Maria McCracken, Friend
Tom McCracken, Friend
Bob McKeage, Cabrini College Parent
Mary Beth McNichol, Neumann College Parent
David Montgomery, Friend
Mimi Morris, Friend
Speedy Morris, St. Joseph’s Prep Head Boy’s Basketball Coach
Dennis Murphy, Neumann College Director of Admissions
Jackie Neary, Friend
Jake Neary, Friend
Joe Neary, Friend
Sean Neary, Friend
Shea Neary, Friend
Chris Nelson, Neumann College Student
Jackie Norbeck, Friend
Denise Ober, Friend
Gus Ober, Friend
Edward O’Malley, Friend
Marie O’Malley, Friend
C. F. Patton, Neumann College Parent
Emma Lee Pesotski, Child of Cabrini Alumni
John Lee Pesotski, Child of Cabrini Alumni
Jennifer Hasson Pollock, (daughter of the late Barbara Hasson, Cabrini College graduate and former athletics employee.)
Robert Rowe, Cabrini College Junior Varsity Men’s Basketball Coach
Kathy Rusko, Friend
Bridie Scanlan, Friend
Kevin M. Scanlan, Friend
Len Schuler, Former Neumann College Athletic Director
Joseph Shemar, Cabrini College Parent
Robert T. Siderio, Cabrini College Parent
Robert Smisko, Retired College Employee
Sal Spitalieri, Neumann College Student
Scott Stevens, Friend
Andy Swanson, Friend
Jacques H. Tompkins, Friend
Joanne Tumelty, Friend
Liam Tumelty, Friend
Paul Udovich, Friend
Richard F. Walker, Spouse of Former Employee
Jane Weidan, Friend
Bill Wiley, Neumann College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach