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Petition to Keep Coach John Dzik

February 19, 2005

Dr. Iadarola, we the undersigned would like to express our disappointment and outrage over the Collegeís decision not to renew the contract of Head Menís Basketball Coach John Dzik following the conclusion of the 2004-2005 season.

For the past 25 years, Dzik has done nothing but represent himself and the College with distinction and honor. He has been a role model to all of us who have had the privilege to know and interact with him.

While we respect the Collegeís decision not to discuss personnel matters, this situation transcends a typical business decision. We defy you to find one act of which could warrant Dzikís contract not being renewed. His teams continue to do well. His students continue to do well. He continues to represent the College as the great ambassador he has been for the past 25 years. He has lived the education of the heart that Cabrini preaches.

We must also protest the way Dzik is being shown the door after 25 years of loyal service, approximately two years removed from when he graciously stepped aside as Director of Athletics so that the College would not lose one of its shining lights. How is his loyalty and honor repaid, by not allowing him to reach a coaching milestone that only a few have ever met winning his 500th game.

We can see through the transparent form e-mail response that you have sent back to select alumni regarding their letters. You have insulted the College community with your response. There has been no legitimate reason given for this decision. Your statement that College officials determined that new leadership would align the menís basketball program more closely with the athletic departmentís strategic agenda for the future, is just a bunch of words that mean nothing.

We challenge you to explain them now. What has changed that Dzikís leadership is now not adequate?

We are joining our fellow alumni, classmates, current and former staff members, faculty and friends of Cabrini College and John Dzik and adding our names to the record of the continuing growing list of support for Dzik and to ask you to overturn this decision immediately. With this in mind, we would like to ask the College to remove our names from all solicitations immediately. Please no longer contact me in any of your fund raising efforts, as we can no longer in good conscience support a College that would treat one of our own in such a manner.

Total Feb. 19 Petition Signatures -123

Alumni - 5
Alloyius McIlwaine, 2004
Beth (Loftus) Redwine, 2000
Mark Redwine, 2000
Nathaniel Ward, 1997
Diane Wizimirski, 2004

Current Students - 77
Lauren Aiken, 2008
Tommy August, 2008
Gerri Bennett, 2006
Christine Blom, 2007
John Bodnar, 2008
Jessica Boettger, 2007
Tood Boyer, 2006
Adam Bowen, 2004
Jaliyl Brame, 2006
Maura Brennan, 2008
Chris Brydges, 2002
Mary Burgess, 2008
John Casparro, 2007
Annmarie Chacko, 2008
Devon Chung, 2007
Mike Conners, 2006
Vanessa Cruz, 2005
Lauren Cull, 2005
Dan DeRosa, 2008
Ashlea DeThomas, 2005
Caitlin Dougherty, 2008
Frank Farnotti, 2006
Kim Feeny, 2007
Colin Fitzgerald, 2008
Kimberly Fox, 2007
Diana Frosch, 2005
Becca Gallagher, 2007
Edward Gilchrist, 2008
Gus Goundis, 2005
John Graham, 2008
Jolaine Gero, 2008
Jillian Hangarter, 2007
Alan Hasanbegovic, 2008
Joslyn Hayes, 2008
Lisa Hetke, 2006
Ryan Hoff, 2008
Katie Hogan, 2005
Natalie Holzer, 2008
Katie Hopkick, 2006
Lauren Kievet, 2008
Jennifer Keller, 2006
Kim Kucher, 2008
Jamie Lewis, 2005
Brittany Liberatore, 2008
Tia Long, 2007
Rob Maren, 2008
Kevin McDevitt, 2008
Kelly McKee, 2005
Barry Megagne, 2008
Lorenea Meskill, 2006
Brandon Millwood, 2005
Melissa Modesti, 2005
Melina Moore, 2006
Sarah Norfolk, 2008
Gabby Porreca, 2008
Ali Pratta, 2007
Kevin Rayer
Megan Reich, 2005
Joseph Rotan, 2007
Billy Rowe
Maria Saggiano, 2008
Brad Santo, 2005
Michelle Scanitto, 2005
Tami Scanlan, 2007
Michelle Schmidt, 2005
Christina Siderio, 2008
Julie Smith, 2006
Christopher Spratt, 2005
Tracy Stabler, 2006
Val Stauder, 2008
Chris Stramo, 2008
Amber Taylor, 2006
Kevin Thomas, 2008
Mark Tripolifsiofis, 2006
Laura VanDePette, 2007
Melissa Williams, 2007
Kellu Wilson, 2007

Parents, Family and Friends - 41
Anne Antonelli
Robert Antonelli
Sarah Antonelli
Shawn Antonelli
Theresa Aristide
Brenda Avery
Earl Bennett
Stephen Boon
Peggy Boyce
Jenna Boyer
Dolores Cenci
Cynthia Cooper
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TJ Dailey
Bob Dailey
Robert Dailey
Jim Dempsey
Dionna Dorsey
Darnell Engel
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Joseph Kelly
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