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January 13, 2005

Dear Dr. Iadarola,

I am writing to you today because I am very unhappy with Cabrini College. I attended Cabrini from 1992 to 1996. I graduated with a degree in business and later received my certification in elementary education also from Cabrini. I played for Coach John Dzik during my time at Cabrini and I am currently the menís basketball team all time leading scorer.

When I found out that the college would not be resigning Coach Dzik I was shocked. Coach Dzik is Cabrini College. There is not a person at the college who has done more for that school than Coach Dzik. He has put his whole heart and soul into the college. You ask anyone about Cabrini College and I guarantee Coach Dzikís name will come up in positive way.

I feel the college underestimates the importance of having a strong athletic program. I think you have a done good job as president of Cabrini but I think you owe Coach Dzik for some of your success. Coach Dzikís performance as an Athletic director was excellent. He put together an unbelievable program for such a small school. I know during my four years at Cabrini our basketball team was in the paper every other day. Not only our team but also all Cabrini sports teams were in the paper on a daily basis. This type of positive exposure is priceless. I think letting coach go you are moving Cabrini backwards. Just to let you know what kind of icon coach is, the day the article came out about you letting him go I received around fifty phone calls. Most of the people were not even Cabrini Alumni. All of these people just know what kind of person Coach Dzik is and could not imagine what kind of organization would let go one of the most successful coaches in division III history. This negative publicity is going to be damaging to the future of Cabrini Athletics. Who wants to go to a school where people are not respected and someone who has done his job for 25 yrs can be tossed aside for no reason. Where is the loyalty to a man who has been so loyal to this college?

I think it is very unfortunate you did not get a chance to know Coach Dzik on a personal level. I came to this conclusion because if you did you would see how special he really is. Coach Dzik in his twenty-five years at Cabrini has touched so many peopleís lives. He is the most caring and sincere person I know. He has always been there for me and my family including my twin sister who also attended Cabrini. He was someone who athletes felt comfortable going to with all sorts of problems.

I just wish you would reconsider getting rid of Cabrini Collegeís best asset. Before this incident I was so proud of being a Cabrini Alumnus. But now I feel Cabrini College has let everyone down with the letting go of Coach Dzik. In the past I was the schools biggest ambassador. As a teacher I would recommend Cabrini to so many of my students and now I would not even give Cabrini as an option. Itís a shame.


William Carr
Class of 96