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January 12, 2005


Dr. Antoinette Iadarola,
President Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

Re: Resignation from Golf Committee

Dear Dr. Iadarola:

Please accept this correspondence as my formal resignation from the Golf Committee effective immediately. As you know, I previously agreed to be a part of your fundraiser and was in a position to meet all financial obligations concerning same. further, I was looking forward to working with Kevin Scanlan this year and for many years in an effort to contribute all resources for the betterment of our institution.

Be advised that I was shocked, disgusted and appalled to read the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer concerning Coach John Dzik. After confirming the situation personally, I have decided to take this action forthwith. In an effort to have you reconsider your position I think it is imperative that I briefly memorialize my concerns. Please be advised that I attended Cabrini College from 1984 through 1988.

Please be advised that as a senior in high school I was recruited by several colleges, some of which were larger schools and at the time were more well respected basketball programs. However, after meeting with Coach Dzik, I decided to attend Cabrini. Coach Dzik at the time was also the Dean of Admissions and processed my admission and assembled an excellent financial package. During my four years at Cabrini, Coach Dzik and his staff treated me like a family member. they were integrally involved in my academic, personal and social life.

As you may know by looking at the banners in the basketball gym, during my four years we attended three NAIA National Championships in Kansas City. In my Senior year, when our program entered Division III affiliation, we were able to secure an at large bid and attended the NCAA tournament. Please note at that time our conference did not have an automatic berth in the tournament for our conference championship. All of the banners which adorn our gym today are a testament to Coach Dzik and what he has accomplished for the institution.

Obviously, since entering Division III Coach Dzik has continued his winning ways enabling Cabrini to be one of the most winning programs in all of our country. I am sure you will be receiving multiple letters and inquiries as to why the most successful coach in the country will not be having his contract renewed. Unfortunately at this time it makes no sense to me and I submit this will be an absolute public relations nightmare. Also, you should expect anyone associated with Coach Dzik to take the same position.

Be advised that I respectfully request that you immediately reconsider your position and find a mutually agreeable solution to this dilemma with Coach Dzik. In the event that this matter is resolved amicably, be advised I will reconsider my position and immediately make all efforts to assist the golf committee and my college.

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office.

Very truly yours,

Class of 1988

cc: Coach John Dzik Christine Lysionek