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 Dear President Iadarola,

As a Ď2000 graduate of Cabrini College and a four year member of the Menís varsity basketball team, I am outraged! I have delayed my letter to you in hopes that you would come to your senses and allow the core values of our Institution to act as guide for you in your time of need. It has become quite clear however, these same values that you so often speak of, are just words to you with no substance or meaning.

I have always been proud of the perception the public had of my Alma Mater. Unfortunately both my feelings and the publicís perception of Cabrini College have vastly changed in the past few weeks. Your legacy as college president has also changed. You should be remembered for an outstanding record of capital improvements and successful fundraising. Unfortunately, as President Clinton has his Monica, and President Nixon his Watergate, with the firing of Coach John Dzik, you will be forever remembered as the president who allowed an incompetent staff let personal feelings blemish the reputation of a once proud college community. That will be your legacy! Sad.

I am appalled that the alumni have received a generic retort from the college president as response to personal letters concerning this situation. We now realize not only do you hold us in low esteem, but also that you donít understand how important this situation is to us. I am asking you to send a personal reply because I challenge you to give me ONE positive outcome the firing of Coach Dzik brings to the Cabrini Community. I care deeply about my school; my coach and you my schoolís president. I want what is best for Cabrini College.

Coach Dzik was the reason I attended Cabrini College, plain and simple. Two things were certain for me when I was looking for a college to attend out of high school. First, I wanted to play college basketball. Secondly, I wanted to continue to learn the game. I consider myself privileged that both wishes were fulfilled under Coach Dzikís tutelage. After my first semester I learned very quickly basketball was just one part of my college experience. Coach Dzik arranged mandatory study hallís for first year student athletes. He made it very clear that education comes first and basketball is a close second. Dzikís dedication and guidance is the reason why his player graduation percentage is so high. When I think about the role athletics play in shaping young men and womenís lives, I often wonder if I would have been able to graduate with a double major from Cabrini without basketball. Dzik understood the importance of this and chose to dedicate his life to it.

Coach possesses one of the most respected and intelligent basketball minds of our day. When Coach Dzik speaks, people listen. His accomplishments as the Menís Varsity Basketball coach for the past quarter century have been well documented and are second to none. Coach Dzik is a winner on and off the court, thatís all he knows how to do. I can say without hesitation that Coach Dzik will find success elsewhere after his time is thru as coach at Cabrini. I am just sad and frustrated that it wonít be under his terms. Coach Dzikís legacy will be one he can be extremely proud of. He will always be held in the highest esteem by Cabrini alumni as the individual who not only built the Cabrini athletic dynasty, but forged everlasting relationships with the Cabrini students who will always love and respect him.

As opposed to Presidentís Clinton and Nixon, you still have the opportunity to ďsave your legacyĒ. Please do what is in the best interest of the entire college community, continue to allow our coach, mentor, and friend do what he does best, positively impact student athleteís lives and coach basketball. If this request is not fulfilled, I would like my name, phone number, and all contact information removed from your office. John Dzik is Cabrini College to me.

Jim McTamney
Class of Ď2000
Account Executive
CCS Medical