John Dzik

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John Dzik is my brother-in-law. I begin this note to you with that statement so the relationship will not be a reason for you to ignore what I have to say. Your misguided decision to terminate his contract at the end of the basketball season is horrendous, to say the least. My daughter and a number of her friends attended the school because of John, and the good things he had to say about the school. Maybe he spoke too soon. She has benefited from her academic studies because of her hard work while in school, and the valuable experiences she had as part of the women's lacrosse team. The experience taught her patience, team work, how to deal with both winning and losing, decision making, leadership, and good sportsman-like qualities. John Dzik's guidance as AD and his coaching presence were, and continue to be, a major asset in her present day career.


John has a great record as a coach at your school. Not only has he contributed to a sense of pride in the school on the part of many students, but he has ūgotten the school a good deal of free publicity because of his coaching. To be honest with you, I and many other people had never even heard of the school before he became part of the staff.


Rethink your foolish, ill-advised decision. John is a value to your school. Too bad you don't have the foresight to see it.


Oh, and before I forget, you also terminated my sister-in-law, Gay Walker shortly before Christmas without the common decency to alert her to the termination. If you have the same consideration for the well-being of your student body, I pity them!


My daughter, Katie Walker, frequently receives materials from you asking for donations. Be advised that she has asked me to tell you to discontinue these materials immediately.


For my own part, I will inform friends, the students I teach, and the staff of my school to consider other local colleges when making decisions about higher education.


John Walker

Father of Katie Walker, Class of 1999