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My name is Stephanie Masucci and I was a student at Cabrini College From 1998-2002. During this time, I was a member of the women's lacrosse And field hockey teams. Playing on these teams was the highlight of my College career and I thank my coach Jackie Neary and my teammates for the Values and work ethic they have instilled in me. Playing on these two successful teams would not have been possible without the stable and rock-like force of John Dzik. During my four years as a student, John Dzik served as the Athletic Director. Thanks to him we had an amazing athletic department. We always knew that we could count on him for support. My junior year, John Dzik stepped up to the plate and helped support our field hockey coach while she battled cancer. If it was not for him we would have had to forfeit our Championship game. He was there for us and we are all grateful! John Dzik is the reason Cabrini College has had such a successful athletic program. He has broken Pennsylvania Athletic Conference(PAC) records and even NCAA records. But even if you took all of his accolades away, he would still be the foundation of what Cabrini Athletics stand for.


Whoever has taken it upon him/herself to make this decision that affects the entire Cabrini Community past and present should be ashamed! You owe John Dzik the respect that he has earned and deserves and that we the Cabrini Athletic Family have given him for years. He loves this school and the students and families that are a part of it. On behalf of every Athlete that has been affected by the love and support of John Dzik I ask that you look at what taking a man like this out of our community will do for the future of this institution.


Thank you for your time,

Stephanie Masucci

Class of 2002