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 Dear President Iadarola,

I appreciate your response, even if it is an auto-generated email written by your assistant. I wanted to let you know that the foundation of a strong athletic department goes far beyond the numbers on the scoreboard and the stats in a book. John Dzik created this athletic department as you stated however, it was his heart and dedication that made it grow and succeed.

I find it distasteful the way you have handled this situation and find it quite alarming that you are upset with Coach Dzik for talking with the media. College Coaching positions are media-alerted jobs and when a team wins, loses or changes coaching staff, it is printed or posted on various websites, newspapers etc. Coach Dzik not coaching next year would have been in the media whether he spoke or not and I am personally glad that he did because injustices like this are far too common these days in the workplace. Your staff has asked the alumni to consider how this type of situation would be handled in our place of employment. Well let me ask you one question--Do you want to be like every other College or business whose #1 concern is money or would you like Cabrini to be known as a community that has loyalty and trust? Please think about the future you would like Cabrini to move towards and consider revoking your decision or as you stated the "college officials" decision to remove Coach John Dzik from the Court.


Stephanie Masucci

Class of 2002