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 To whom it may concern,

Please remove me from all alumni mailing lists and activities. I played for coach Dzik from 1995-1999. He is a great man who has represented the college with integrity durring his tenure. After hearing that he is being forced out I would like to disassociate myself from the college. Without coach Dzik I would not have a college degree. He did not care if I played one minute for him he just wanted me to graduate. He is more that a coach I also consider him a friend and a mentor. I am embarrassed to say that I went to Cabrini. How can a school turn its back on a man who has done so much and has touched so many lives. John Dzik stands for everything that is right in college athletics. His record speaks for itself, he is one of the top coaches in the area if not the best. The college is making a huge mistake. Personally I will never donate another penny and will always support coach Dzik.

Ty Ross (class of 99)