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Dear Cabrini Community,

I was shocked at the news that Coach Dzik will be leaving at the end of this season. As a graduate of the class of 1997 I have always tried to champion Cabrini as a worthwhile institution of higher learning that stood for the same core values that I believe in. But this news along with the questionable manner in which the situation arose has given me reason to pause.

I know only what I have read in the newspapers and on various websites, but from what I have read, Coach Dzik appears to have handled this entire situation with class. The administration on the other hand appears to believe that ignoring the situation will allow it to go away.

From my perspective, athletics has always been at the bottom of the administration's list of priorities. While this always bothered me, I never felt the need to pull financial (or other) support from the school. Now, I can't see myself spending another dollar in support of Cabrini. At this time I would never recommend Cabrini to a high school junior or senior and would, in fact, steer them clear of the school.

Unfortunately, I believe that the only way to rectify this situation is to have a high profile Cabrini employee leave in the near future. But I don't think it should be the man who put Cabrini on the map and has served as the school's biggest promoter over the past 25 years. Instead, I believe that it should be the head of the administration. Anyone who could underestimate the reaction of Cabrini's alumni, friends and financial supporters should not be in the College's leadership position.

I will not be supporting Cabrini from this day forward until I feel that the core values of the institution I was once so proud of are restored.

Adam Todd

Class of 1997