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Dear President Iadarola,

My name is Allen Brydges and I am a Cabrini College alum. I am writing this letter today because I have great concern about the direction the College is headed. I am a 2001 graduate and currently taking my masters at Cabrini. I have great respect for you and the college, but at this time I am confused and angry.

The decision to not keep Coach Dzik on as head basketball coach has me puzzled. I played basketball at Cabrini for Coach Dzik and I know how important he is to the college. Coach has touched the lives of so many individuals including myself. I am currently teaching and coaching in the Upper Darby school district. Down the road I hope to take over a College program and can only hope to be half as successful as Coach Dzik. This is why your decision confuses me. Coach has been like a father to so many kids and has graduated players who without him would have never made it. He has never done anything to hurt the College and has dedicated his entire life the the school. He is one of the winningest coaches in D3 history. Coach Dzik should be aloud to stay on as long as he wants. Everything I do when coaching my team I learned from Coach and I ashamed of Cabrini. Coach is still at the top of his game and if left in place would win several more PAC Titles (not state championships).

I think you have overlooked the importance of a strong basketball program. With Coach Dzik people all over the country know about Cabrini without him that will fade. I hope you will reconsider your decision and reinstate Coach. Until then however I would like to be removed from all Cabrini mailing lists. I have also stopped my masters program and will continue it at St.Joe's. St. Joe's is cheaper but i choose Cabrini anyway because of my loyalty to the school. Loyalty that I have lost.

I hope you will change your mind and I can someday again be proud to say I went to Cabrini.

Until Coach Dzik is coaching again I want nothing to do with Cabrini.

Sincerely, Allen Brydges

Class of 2001