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February 23, 2005

Dear President Iadarola,

I am a 1999 graduate from Cabrini College and was a member of the First Lacrosse Team at Cabrini College for four years. I have to express my sincere disappointment over the sudden termination of John Dzik at Cabrini College. You yourself even noted in your letter, "John Dzik was instrumental in building Cabrini Collegeís menís basketball into one of the more successful Division III programs...he has served as a mentor to many of our student athletes." I have had the privilege to know Coach Dzik as a great role model and a man who put all his efforts into making Cabrini College known for its reputation in athletics, as well as put the Men's team where it is today.

I only know one way to express myself and it is to be honest and blunt. Dr. Iadarola and Ms. Moll, I do not recall you EVER reaching out to the students. I do not recall ever seeing you out there with us and I can not remember ever hearing any of the students mention you as a "mentor".


1. A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.

As you know the students who attend your college are there for an education that they can carry on with them into a successful future. If you ask the students and alumni one question "Where were the biggest lessons of your life learned that have helped you with who you are?" You should not be surprised to find that college students remember the biggest lesson in life being from an advocate in or out of the classroom. You can teach anyone to be educated and have book smarts, however while you have been sitting behind the President doors on campus your students have been looking up to there coaches and teachers because it is those that we can thank for our strong character and lessons gained.

To take away such a valuable asset that has helped your school gain strength, growth, and help add to the development of your students is a backwards move in the future of Cabrini. Coach Dzik was that asset. I can not remember why I need to thank you but I can remember many reasons to thank him.

I can respect that there may be personnel matters, (there always is) although I can not respect how you give that as an excuse in such in such a serious situation. This goes against any morals and values Cabrini College is supposed to represent to it's student body, employee staff, and your community.

With this in mind, I would like to ask the College to remove my name from all mailings and solicitations immediately. Please no longer contact me, as I can no longer in good conscience support a College that would treat one of our own in such a manner. 

Ami Hays (Petitte)

1999 Cabrini Graduate