John Dzik

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Dear President Iadarola,

I don't expect anything to be accomplished from this letter. However, I do want to express my dissatisfaction with the way you handled this situation.

I commend you for what you have done for Cabrini and I will not discount your efforts in anyway. You have done some wonderful things for the college.

I wanted you to know a little more about Coach Dzik.

It is a very sad time for Cabrini Alumni and Students. We have just lost not only a tremendous basketball coach, but a man of great integrity. Coach Dzik sacrificed 20 years of his life to Cabrini College and to let him go in this manner is a disgrace.

You have handled this situation in a very unprofessional manner, I believe you have made a huge mistake, you have not only let down John Dzik but you have let down several thousand Cabrini Alumni and Students.

Coach Dzik and I had some very successful years together on the basketball court. However,Coach Dzik is not all about athletics, he helped his players grow as student athletes. The majority of his past players are very successful in what they are doing today and part of that success is contributed to what John Dzik did for them on and off the court.

Due to your decision on this matter I have cut all ties with the college. I will resume my relationship with Cabrini when you move on. Unfortunately, another organization will get a fine man!

Best Regards,

Dan Barracliff, State Farm Agent(94')