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Dr. Antoinette Iadarola,

Due to the recent injustice that has taken place at Cabrini College I am compelled to write you this letter. I am a 2003 Cabrini graduate who had the privilege to play under coach Dzik. When I first discovered that coach Dzik was essentially being terminated I was in disbelief. I am baffled at this decision and embarrassed at the way my Cabrini College has chosen to treat my former coach. He has established a top notch program and has been a huge asset to the College. I can not tell you how many friends and family have contacted me to find out what is wrong with Cabrini College.

During my years at Cabrini I developed many positive and meaningful relationships. None of those I would consider more meaningful than the relationship that I and many others share with coach Dzik. These relationships have created a family of people from all different backgrounds and ages who support one another. It was thru John Dzik and this family that I was given my first job out of college. It deeply saddens me to think of what one individualís personal decision will do to this family and to the college as a whole. I feel sorry for the current and future students who attend Cabrini under your tenure as I am sure that, like my self, there are many, many others who will no longer support Cabrini College in any way shape or form until Coach Dzik is reinstated.

It seems that the blame for this terrible error in judgment is being assessed to different people and no one at the school has the integrity to take responsibility for this decision. No one wants to take the responsibility for firing a Basketball Hall of Fame coach for no apparent reason. No one wants to take responsibility for firing the true ambassador of Cabrini College. No one wants to take responsibility for firing the most influential individual in the schools history. Dr. Iadarola, as the President of our college this is your responsibility! As the President of our school I ask you to please make right this public disgrace of our school by issuing an apology to John Dzik and his wife. I also feel an apology should be issued to Joe Kelly and Mike Keeley who have shared 25 years with coach Dzik and played an intricate role in many of the alumniís lives. They are individuals who always stood by Cabrini College instead of pursuing head coaching positions elsewhere. Furthermore, please recognize in the same manner Gabby Harttnett (11th year assistant), Bob McTamney, Rob Roe, John Mack, Ken Shiller and Orick Smith. All of these individuals have devoted their time to the school to build a program that has gained national recognition and will now be adversely affected by your decision.


William Rookstool

Class of 2003