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Dear Dr. Iadarola,

I appreciate your response to my e-mail, albeit as a form letter. Rest assured, I am absolutely aware that you fully support these decisions made by college officials. That may perhaps be the most insulting aspect of this situation, the fact that you have the power to correct this situation and choose not to use it. Both you and Cabrini College have certainly changed quite a bit, at least in my eyes, since that day when you wished me well upon my graduation back in 1996.

I could go on and on about what I think of this decision, your lack of leadership in allowing it to happen, and the embarrassment I feel in knowing that this is how many will now come to view Cabrini. I could also be more descriptive regarding the insulting nature of the generic responses made by administration to alumni and my overall total disgust with Cabrini College right now because of this situation and that involving the facultyís salaries and benefits. However, judging by the tone of your response to me, that would be a total waste of my time. You response is a lot of fluff followed by "I hope you will continue to lend your support to John as well as to Cabrini College," a statement that is out of touch with the reality of the situation. Thatís all I need to know to proceed further with a clear conscience.

I will leave you and Cabrini with this. The undergraduate catalog states that one of the goals of the college is "To provide a Cabrinian 'education of the heart' that teaches that intellectual competence can not be divorced from values or a moral responsibility to the community." I think you need to ponder that goal of your college, no longer mine, as you allow this situation to continue and refuse, for reasons you have said will not be discussed, to explain why it happened in the first place. I have absolutely no clue how the treatment of John Dzik in this situation shows any sense of values or moral responsibility to the community, and I am not alone. What a wonderful message you send to the current students at Cabrini who read that catalog and then witness the administration acting in this fashion. If and when your administration and you personally both reconcile your intellectual competence to a sense of values and moral responsibility, Cabrini College will once again become the place that it was intended to be. Shame on all of the administrators who have a hand in this decision, and shame on you for allowing it to continue uncorrected.

How ironic that your wish in the form letter to other alumni and myself is "I hope that you continue to lend your support to John as well as to Cabrini College." I will support John, as will many others, but do you not realize that because of your leadership one can no longer do both in good conscience? Again, please remove my name from all lists associated with correspondence from Cabrini College. I will not be associated with an institution whose administration acts in this fashion.


Brian Mooney

Class of 1996