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Good Afternoon -

I was deeply saddened to watch the story about John Dzik on Comcast Sports Channel! I have always been so proud to be a Cabrini Alumni and for the first time I was not!

It is a shame that Coach Dzik is being "dismissed" in such an abrupt manner! The school should be ashamed for its actions in treating a long time employee and staff member with such disrespect!

Coach Dzik is a wonderful man and in my opinion represents Cabrini in a exemplary way! He certainly assisted me while I was a student at Cabrini! I was a cheerleader (with Denise Edwards) and without a staff member "stepping up to the plate" to be an advisor we would not have been able to have a squad... Coach Dzik did just that! I am sure we were more of a pain to him but cheering was important to the 10 girls on that squad, so he made it important to him!

I think that Coach Dzik, myself, and other alumni deserve better from Cabrini and something needs to be done immediately to get Coach Dzik back!!! Dr. Iadarola needs to address this issue on the website on in a letter to alumni! Cabrini is a Catholic college correct... I think the President needs to "practice what she preaches" and act like Catholic.


Christine Flavin Dombrosky '92