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Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

My name is Christy Malone and I am a 2001 graduate of Cabrini College. I just found out about the "letting go" of coach John Dzik. I am completely upset and disgusted at the decision made by the administration of Cabrini College. John Dzik did more for Cabrini then anyone I know.

His dedication to the students built Cabrini College to what it is today. As for the athletic program, the success of Cabrini was built on a good back bone, and that backbone was John Dzik. He was more then an athletic director and a coach, he was a role model for myself, students, faculty, staff, & friends. Part of my college selection was based on a good athletic program, and when I met John Dzik that assured my decision 100%. The fact that I enjoyed my time at Cabrini College was b/c of athletics and so much so, that I am coaching now at the collegiate level. John Dzik's example and support helped make this dream come true for me.

The message from Dr. Antoinette Iadarola is "It happens here", now I know what happens at Cabrini College, poor decision making.

I feel that this is bad move on Cabrini's part and will affect the success of Cabrini College as a whole, not just in the area of athletics. If Cabrini goes through with the "letting go" of coach John Dzik I am "letting go" all donations to Cabrini College from my myself, family, & friends. I will make sure that no one donates a single penny to this college that "lets go" what has been built over the past 22 years. This will affect Cabrini as a whole now and in the future.

Please forward this email to anyone who cares about the future of Cabrini College.


Christy Malone

Class of 2001