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I am responding to the disappointing news regarding Cabrini College not extending Coach Dzikís contract. I understand when decisions like this have been made, very little can be done to change the outcome. Never the less, I feel itís extremely important to try and persuade you from making a major mistake by not extending Coach Dzikís contract.

Coach Dzik influenced me in many positive ways. He was the only reason I was a Student Athlete at Cabrini College. I realized Cabrini College was the College for me, so at the open house I introduced myself to Coach Dzik and stated that I would like to play basketball for him the following year. Coach Dzik smiled and informed me there were 13 new basketball recruits starting in the same year and my probability of making the team would be challenging. However, he said to work hard and he would make his decision during tryouts. Even though I worked very hard and improved my basketball skills during the summer, when I showed up to tryouts I quickly knew I was no match for the 13 new recruits. Regardless, Coach Dzik realized how hard I worked and how much I wanted to become a valuable member of a winning tradition of the Cabrini College Menís Basketball Team. He never cut me. Being a member of the basketball team under Coach Dzikís leadership taught me many valuable lessons in leadership, responsibility, loyalty, desire, discipline, determination and he was also a role model in motivational speaking. Coach Dzik helped me to recognize my potential and develop and use problem solving skills on and off the court. I believe that college administrators do not always recognize the valuable contributions that a coach can make in the total growth of an individual. Often, just as much is learned outside the classroom than in it.

Coach Dzik was my most influential reference when I applied for a job. After five and a half years, I am still happily working at this same company today and my hiring manager continues to remind me of the powerful reference phone call he had with Coach Dzik. What I have learned from coach Dzik while at Cabrini College has served me well in my career.

Coach Dzik is a caring, dedicated positive role model. Sadly, people do not recognize the value of others until they are gone and it is too late. Please do not deprive future students of Cabrini College the valuable leadership and support of Coach Dzik.

Chris Vitale

Class of 1999