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Dr, Iadarola,

I send you this correspondence to express my extreme disappointment for your ultimate decision to fire Coach Dzik. As a member of the Class of 89, and a former basketball player, it seems that you have underestimated the alumni, and our support for the coach. My bride is also alumni from the class of 90.

As alumnus, we associate with no less than fifteen former chums from Cabrini. In any given month, my interaction doubles with the number of old college friends. The couples we enjoy dinners with on the weekend are all Cabrini couples. The level of disappointment amongst this community is quite considerable. More that his actual dismissal, it is the way the message has been conveyed. The lack of any message.

I find it quite dramatic to state that I will be cutting off all my ties with the school. However, I do feel a profound sense of regret with your decision. The aloof stance that you have taken is a bit mysterious. I can't imagine that anything John would do, would deserve this outcome.

I believe that you need to communicate with us more precisely if you want to count on our support. If coach did something to deserve this fate, many would throw their support behind the institution. He has done much for Cabrini. For many he IS Cabrini. At a minimum he deserves respect, and I believe we deserve more information. This is our college. With four young children, I wish for you to reinstate my faith in Cabrini.

Best Regards,
David C. Butera
Class of 1989
Executive Vice-President
Atlantic Coast Communications NJ, Inc.
Intellicom Systems, Inc.