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Dear Cabrini Administration,

After attempting on multiple occasions to communicate with Dr. Iadarola concerning Coach John Dzikís unceremonious and untimely dismissal, I now recognize that my questions will go unanswered. I painfully realize that Cabrini has become an organization led by a small group of individuals that are bigger that the institution itself. There is seemingly no accountability to a Board, or to a student body. The alumni are not considered a priority, and certainly are struggling to hold you accountable for these decisions.

I had sought answers. Our affection and affinity for Cabrini is strong. As alumni, we wish to feel as if we are a part of our college. We certainly have each played a part in the esteemed history of the school. My name is engraved throughout campus. You have driven a wedge between the alumni and our deep feelings for our alma mater.

Coach Dzik has obviously touched more lives than the three of you administrators combined. I donít see anyone holding rallyís for you. As we see our distinguished school getting negative publicity in print, or on television, it is as if someone is criticizing one of my children. NOT ONCE HAS AN ADMINISTRATOR GONE ON CAMERA, or SPOKEN WITH A NEWSPAPER to provide the explanation the we have sought after.

Are you above it all? Do you care what we feel? Do you care about our perceptions of Cabrini? Or is it all about your vision?

You have affected many lives, yet you remain in your vacuum, ignoring our constant requests for more information.

You are tarnishing the image that we have helped to create.

Since you have left me no choice, I sadly request for you to remove BOTH me, and my wife Patricia (Keough) Butera (1990) from any college mailing lists. We wish NOT to participate in any wine tastings, or pledge drives. I will not participate in any alumni events NOR camps for our children. We will no longer attend ANY athletic events, and certainly will never again see the Dixon Center.

Most painfully, my three (soon to be four) children will never have the chance to experience the wonderful place that I called home for four years. You have underestimated our collective resolve. You will have to move forward without us. I hold a grudge like an elephant. Not just Trish and I. ALL OF US. And it's gonna cost Cabrini financially.


David C. Butera
Class of 1989
Executive Vice-President
Atlantic Coast Communications NJ, Inc.
Intellicom Systems, Inc.