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To the Cabrini President,

There is nothing wrong with sitting down with John Dzik and reconsidering a future with him at Cabrini. Without him, Cabrini risks 1000s of students whose lives may never be touched or changed for the better by this great coach, educator and "people person". He truly is a significant person.

Here is my personal story.

I met Mr. Dzik in 1973. The following year he was my 4th grade teacher at the Hillcrest Elem. School in Drexel Hill, Pa. The section below was taken from one of my Temple Univ. written assignments. This paper was part of my Masters Program in Education.

In the 4th grade I was taught by Mr. Dzik. He served as a great mentor, taught me respect and introduced me to excellence. Whether it was in the football huddle during recess or in the classroom teaching math, he always took great pride in guiding his students. Through his influence I have learned to serve my students as a leader and support there learning.

David Fingerle Feb. 2005