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February 3, 2005

Dr. Antoinette Iadarola
C/O Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

Dear Dr. Iadarola,

Since I have attended and graduated Cabrini College (Class of 1994) I have seen and witnessed many changes at the school, both good and bad. However, for the most part, they have been good – UNTIL NOW.

When I was elected to the Alumni Board of Directors last year I was looking forward to being able to give back and make a difference at Cabrini. Now, after what you have done regarding John Dzik, I will be sure family, friends, colleagues and those who inquire are aware of what Cabrini College has become.

I find it to be a total disgrace that you would treat someone who has been such an important piece in the development of so many individuals, both athletes and non-athletes alike. For years, John Dzik has been responsible for the growth & development of Cabrini College, athletics and the student population. It is because of him and only him that I attended Cabrini College. I look back on it as a great time of my life and I am thankful for the coaching, leadership and friendship that I have received from him. I am proud to say that he is not only one of my mentors, but more importantly a friend.

I think that you and the entire Development Office TREMENDOUSLY underestimated the Alumni and what your decision has done to the overall public perception of Cabrini College. As a previous member of the Board (resigned immediately after learning about this issue) I was asked on numerous occasions to assist in the schools development. I have decided that I will no longer give money or my time of day to anyone at the school that had a part in this decision…for that matter the school period .

Knowing what has happened, I am almost ashamed to tell me people that I am a Cabrini College graduate.


David L. Kerchner
Class of 1994
Member, Alumni Board of Directors (Resigned)