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Hello I am the parent of Cabrini College Graduate Nicole Faison 2002.

This is an outrage. Cabrini College started to go down the year my daughter graduated but I had hope. Now I read about Coach Dzik, someone my daughter talked about all the time. She was a resident assistant and cheerleader and he was always there for her when it came to issues in the residence halls with his students and was their supporting the cheerleaders through the hard times they had with their coach. Coach Dzik does not deserve this treatment that this institution is giving him and his family. Matter of fact Cabrini College/ President Iadarola doesnít deserve his commitment, hard work and love for the sport and the students.

My daughter graduated from Mother Cabrini High School in NYC, I will make sure to recommend that any graduating seniors not apply to Cabrini College, a school that has no compassion for their staff and faculty members. I will let them know that Cabrini College is NOT living up to Mother Cabriniís standards and visions she had for her schools and colleges.

Please make sure you take my name and my daughters name off of the annual fund list. You will never see anything given back to this school from us. Can you please email my daughter about any events that will be held in honor of Coach Dzik. Thank you and May God be with you Coach Dzik and your family during these trying times.

Ms. Ellaree Jamison

Mother of Nicole Faison 2002