John Dzik

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I am a 2002 Cabrini graduate and also a former Women's Basketball Player. I played from 1998-2002 and while I was an athlete, John Dzik was the athetic director and a friend. I am outraged to hear about what has happened to him and I also feel that he was undeserving of this. He has done nothing but great things for the institution and for the athletes and even the non-athletes at Cabrini. He has close relationships with alumni, former players, and for example, myself, who contribute money to the school so it will prosper in the future. He is basically the heart of Cabrini in my eyes and without him there, doing what he does so well, Cabrini will be missing someone so special. The close relationships that he has with alumni, parents and fans will be gone. This is the type of person Cabrini will be losing, a person who has loyal fans and people behind him, so wherever he does go, we will follow him. Coach Dzik is not the type of person you want to lose, you lose him, you lose a number of contributors. Please take into consideration all that I have said and the words of others who have spoken out against this.


Erin Crawford

Class of 2002