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Hello my fellow alumni!

It was so awesome to see such a wonderful turnout on Saturday night at McGillicuddy's and at the alumni game. It really showed how we all care so much about Coach Dzik and our alma matter. I just visited the site and saw the longer list of letters that people have written. This is great! And that letter that Iadarola wrote is ridiculous. Of course her last sentence was about contributing or supporting the college. Never again! What is this college turning into?

It makes me sad to see Coach Dzik, Coach Kelly, Coach Keeley, and Coach Hartnett have to be forced away from this program. I talked to each of them on Saturday night and the love they have for the program and the kids is unconditional. I wasn't even one of their players and I had extensive conversations with each of them about myself and my career, my daughter and my family. They truly care about us and it hurts to see them go. I don't think Iadarola knows what she has done. I still cannot get over it.

And her letter said she wants to change the athletic programs to coincide with the school............What is to change? I don't get it! I guess none of us will.

Talk to you all soon!

Erin Crawford, Class of 2002