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To all concerned:

I am a 1997 alumni and former student athlete of Cabrini College. I was shocked and disappointed with the way you handled the situation concerning John Dzik. John has dedicated 25 years of service to your institution, and you are tossing him out like yesterday's garbage. John has been one of the biggest influences to Cabrini's success over the years, and has put your school on the map. He has had a major impact on making Cabrini what it is today.

I hope you realize that your decision will adversely affect the future of your institution. Word of mouth and support from alumni is one of the best recruiting tools a college can take advantage of especially in a competitive market. Since this decision was announced, I have not heard one positive thing about Cabrini, only negatives.

I am a second generation Cabrini alumni (my mother is a 1964 alumni) and I can GUARANTEE you that there will be no third generation alumni. Until this point I have been proud to say that I was a Cabrini graduate, I no longer feel this way. I was a major influence in my brother's decision to attend Cabrini College. I will no longer support or recommend Cabrini College.

Please remove my name from all mailing lists effective immediately.

Erin O'Neill-Toth
Class of 1997