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Antoinette Iadarola
Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

February 18, 2005

Dear Dr. Iadarola,

I am writing this letter, like many of the other letters, to express my disappointment and embarrassment that you have brought upon the Cabrini College community.

To say that Coach Dzik is not representative of Cabrini College Basketball is absurd. Coach Dzik has been the driving force behind the entire sports program and especially basketball for 25 years and to toss that aside shows your lack of support for a very successful program. This program that Coach Dzik has lived has brought a tremendous number of people, that never would have thought about Cabrini, through its gates. Cabrini College gave a lot of people a fantastic and valuable opportunity to learn the values that Cabrini had to offer.

Although I have not been actively involved in the Cabrini as an alumni member, I do try to follow as best I can. I arrived at Cabrini in 1981 and instantly became involved in the basketball program. I was originally one of the managers of the team and spent a lot of time working with Coach Dzik, Mike Keeley and Joe Kelly. As the years went on I became as involved as I could be without being a coach and was with the team when we went to our very first NAIA tournament in Kansas City. I developed a long standing respect and friendship with the coaches that I value to this day. I was also the first Cabrini College student to participate in the NAIA District 19 Golf tournament and came in second place.

Coach Dzik IS Cabrini, his wife Sue IS Cabrini, Mike Keeley and Joe Kelly ARE Cabrini. For all the loyalty and time and dedication that these people have put into this successful program, there needs to be a better reward than what you are supplying. Coach Dzik, in my opinion, has been the single driving force in putting Cabrini on the map.

My hope, as well as many others, is that you will reconsider your actions and extend to Coach Dzik and his supporters the respect that he deserves and the ability to continue to coach at the school that he loves, CABRINI.

Thank you

Gregory Catarious 84