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Dear Dr. Iadarola,

You may remember me from the many golf outings in the Spring that I have attended and donated to. I know you have had a thousand emails and people constantly bothering you about the Coach John Dzik issue. I dont even know if you read the letters that people are posting on the site. I never played for the man in basketball nor did I ever work for him. When my roommate freshman year Alan Bunch was killed in Philadelphia (Fall 1995) It was this man that held the Cabrini College community together. He was a very supportive person not only to his players, but to me. I had never known him personally until after this event. From that day on until even today, i respect him as a coach, a teacher and a person. I saw the letter you wrote that was in response to the Alumni members. This letter is filtering everywhere and I know personally now that I will not be contributing any money to the college from this point on.

I saw this when I attended the college, how you turn on the people that created the school and how the value of a true "family" member to the college can be let go like a divorce. Seeing we are a Catholic College, I thought that a divorce was prohibited. Leslie Danehy is a good person and doing a good job at running the dept, but that is only because the college is finally supporting the athletic program. I know too many people that know Cabrini College only by the reputation that John Dzik has set. Please do not expect my support in the future and I will be passing this information on to other alumnis who I know for sure will do the same thing.

Without supporting my alma mater from this point on,

Greg Wood

Class of 1999