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An Open Letter to Idorolo

Dear Antoinette,

It is incredible to hear that after all these years that Cabrini would not renew Coach Dzik contract. As an Alumnus (class of 1999) Coach Dzik was not only a part of Cabrini Sports but even more importantly a part of CABRINI itself. He was not just a basketball coach, but a coach to many students on and off the playing field. He was always willing to listen and give everyone a fair shake. He was a BIG part of why many Alumni were still involved with Cabrini and he will be a big reason why many Alumni (such as myself) will no longer be a part of Cabrini. Once again Idorolo (misspelled intentionally) you are able to screw something up again. I am no longer proud to be a Cabrini Alumni. Immediately please remove me from all distributions and solicitations. I will also no longer contribute financially to this institution and will encourage every alumnus to do the same. You and the Board of Trustees really blew this one and you need to seriously think what you are doing. The impact will have huge repercussions to Cabrini, athletically, financially, and spiritually (because don't think for a second that Coach Dzik did not embody what Cabrini was truly about). Idorolo, knowing you and your pompous attitude, I doubt very much if this letter will change your mind but I had to share my thoughts on this matter. Also it amazes me that I continuously receive through the mail all the "great" things you and "Your Staff" at Cabrini are doing, but not until I review the Loquitur web-site do I even hear about such a move as Coach Dzik. Once again you show how you are out to toot your own horn and how you are threatened by anyone who has their own opinion. Antoinette, If anyone's contract should not be renewed it should be yours, especially after all these years of mismanaging Cabrini College.


Jared Schierbaum

Class of 1999