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Dear Robin,

This article and the decision to not renew John Dzik's contract at the end of the year is very disappointing and I suspect will present a negative public relations moment (hopefully not more) for Cabrini College.


Cabrini is such a young school - with so few enduring traditions - many alumni rely on the relationships they develop with staff and faculty as their lifeline back to their alma mater. Why would this tie be so deliberately severed? Certainly, there is always much more to all personnel decisions - and much needs to remain confidential - but why not nourish, support and manage these relationships along the way, so as not to reach a breaking point.

Again, this is very disappointing and I suspect will have an immediate and long-term impact on the good work you and your team are trying to accomplish, as we approach the 50th anniversary celebration. With this said, I still cherish the memories and friends that I made while a student at Cabrini and respect the great work that has been accomplished during Dr. Iadarola's tenure, to raise the academic standing and the college's place in the higher education community. Though, it is becoming more difficult for me personally to feel the same passion about an institution that holds a special place in my heart - when I read articles like this.


Jean Findlay

Class of 1985

cc: Dr. Antoinette Iadarola President, Hillary Hoch Chybinski '90 Alumni Board President