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Hey John,

I was actually on campus at around 6:40 and Stacey did not indicate the location for the meeting. I assumed the hospitality suite in the Dixon Center. I am glad I did not come to the mansion because Dzik and I had a private conversation. He covered the entire chronology of the events leading up to Dr. Iadarola's decision. I am definitely THROUGH with our institution!! The executive leadership team was very calculated regarding with their course of actions leading up to their final decision to dismiss John Dzik, as the active head men's basketball coach. As a HR practitioner, I can appreciate the confidentiality with the employee/employer relationship and the institution not being able to disclose the details regarding their final decision. It is very difficult to understand the executive administration's business rationale regarding the unfeasible expectations established for a dedicated long-term employee, who maintained 2-separate positions with unrelated job duties/responsibilities as a personal and professional courtesy initiated and requested by the Office of the President? I am expressing the sentiments of a wide demographic range of those individuals closely associated with our institution when I state the executive administration's actions speak much louder than any press release or verbal explanation to validate their position.

Bottom line... I do not want to associate or serve in any capacity for a "superficial" institution. I am going to officially tender my official resignation as a member of the Alumni Board of Directors at Cabrini College, effective immediately. Our institution's executive administration has obviously totally lost focus regarding the core essence of why WE as alumni maintain a key interest in the continued success of OUR institution which by the way is NOT the administration's institution alone. LOYALTY, COMMITMENT & LONGEVITY are strong attributes exhibited by select key members of the faculty and administration. These are core values OUR institution needs to realize and earnestly adopt as a part of their mission statement. As a result of our personal relationships and associations with these key institutional ambassadors observing their personal & professional commitments over many..many years to our institution as former students and current alumni. Their actions encouraged us to maintain an active interest and involvement regarding the current and future welfare of our beloved institution. The executive administration's recent actions have placed a HUGE an irrevocable dagger in the "spirit" of Cabrini College. Capital giving campaigns...capital expansion initiatives alone will not assure the continued future success of OUR institution. I do not want anyone to believe I am strictly disenchanted or bias because of my close affiliation with the athletic program and the men's basketball team. If a former one of my long-term professors were treated in such a disrespectful manner such as: Ann Servey, John Heiberger, Brian Metz or Dr. Jolyon Girard my course of action would remain the same. Please feel free to share my discontent regarding the current state of affairs at our institution with Robin Moll, Christine Lysionek, Martha Dale and especially Dr. Antoinette Iadarola. I wholeheartedly wish OUR institution continued success with current and future endeavors. However, the institution's success will come with a price, with out my current or future support and financial contributions.

Best Regards,

Jeffrey L. Hines

Class of 1991

Member of Alumni Board of Directors