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February 8, 2005

Dr. Antoinette Iadarola
Cabrini College
Radnor, PA

Dear Dr. Iadarola,

It has come to my attention the powers to be at Cabrini College have unwisely decided not to renew the contract of your current men's basketball coach John Dzik. As an alumna of Cabrini College, I have an opinion I would like to share with you and your executive team. REAL BAD MOVE on your part and the part of Cabrini College.

Now I am not privy to all the circumstances surrounding this situation and I am sure you feel justified in allowing such a matter to unfold. Also Dr. Iadarola, I donít know if this poor use of judgment and repugnant display of leadership comes direct from your office, but anyway you look at it, itís a huge mistake on many fronts. I ask that you consider the following:

  • John Dzik BUILT Cabrini College Basketball (Athletics) from the ground up! I mean he literally started with nothing, and I know this to be a fact, because, I was recruited by Coach Dzik back in 1981. Dare I say long before you and many of your staff even knew what Cabrini College was like? 
  • The reason I and 100ís of others chose to attend Cabrini College had very little to do with the serene 112 acres you promote in the first sentence of your introduction to the college on your Web site. The reason many of us chose Cabrini College, is real simple and can be summed up in two words, you guessed it, John Dzik. John Dzik (and his staff) sold me on Cabrini College. It was not any building, or program, and certainly at the time it was not the basketball team. It was the opportunity to build something, and be a part of something that would someday be very special, and to be able to say, ďI help build this program.Ē John Dzik had a vision for Cabrini College Athletics, and he got others to believe in his vision. This is why Cabrini has experienced such great success in athletics and especially basketball the past twenty 25 years.
  • Under his guidance, the Cabrini College menís basketball team graduation rate is close to 95%, which I am sure you will agree is nothing short of PHENOMINAL.
  • He founded, or helped build just about every athletic conference Cabrini College has ever participated in competitively. 
  • Coach Dzik has personally and positively impacted the lives of more student athletes than anyone one person in the HISTORY of the Cabrini College. Off the court as well as on. He has help young people develop into mature civic conscious solid contributors to society.
  • Which brings me to my final point, (I am sure you will like this one) Contributions. You see Dr. Iadarola; many of the student athletes John Dzik recruited, coached, or mentored at Cabrini are starting to come into their own right about now. I will use myself as an example to make my point clear. Your financial records will show I have not contributed a lot of money to Cabrini College in the past years. This is not because I did not want to, but because I simply did not have the financial means to do so at the time. However, with steadily increasing career growth I have now come to the point in life I can start to give monetarily to causes, charities, and other organizations I deem worthy. Unless Cabrini College can come up with some pretty good reasons why John Dzik is unworthy to coach their basketball team (he built), I am sure I will come up with some pretty good reasons I should send my money to some other worthy cause.

As I stated earlier, you may believe John Dzik is no longer the man to coach basketball at Cabrini College and that it will be a better place without him. In my opinion you could not possibly be more wrong about anything in this world. I simply ask that you have the honor to address the hundreds of alumni who wish to know why this is happening.

Disturbed and enraged,

John D. McQueen

Cabrini College Alumnus

Class of 1985