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Dear Dr. Iadarola,

First, I wanted to thank you for the thoughtful response to my letter regarding your decision about coach Dzik. An auto response is definitely appropriate for someone who contributes to the school, and a great way to show that you take this matter seriously. But I know I'm not kidding myself, for my letter was probably dismissed, not read and thrown out with all of the others. So this letter is not only going to you, I am not wasting my time to not be heard.

I will keep this letter short and to the point. This is a disgrace. It really makes me embarrassed to say I attended Cabrini College, as it does to a large majority of alum (and I wasn't even an athlete at Cabrini). I think the worst part of this is that it doesn't surprise me. I have come to expect this behavior from the college, and although I always tried to stay true to my alma mater I should have seen this coming.

You know, it strikes me that Cabrini College commonly appoints ineffective people to important positions. It then ensures that these people stay in those positions, because that makes it easy for Cabrini College to treat anyone who doesn't agree with it to a torrent of vitriol and vilification, as was Coach Dzik.

Dr. Iadarola, you somehow manage to maintain a straight face when saying that you are known for your sound judgment, unerring foresight, and sagacious adaptation of means to ends. I am greatly grieved by this occurrence of falsehood and fantastic storytelling which is the resultant of layers of social dishevelment and disillusionment amongst the fine family of a once organized, motivated, and cognitively enlightened college. The facts are in: Dr. Antoinette Iadarola, you leave me no choice but to lose heart.

So, with this said, I will now cut all ties from Cabrini College until either the administration cleans up its act, or you start showing respect for what you have. At the rate the administration is going, they won't have much for long, and that is not the Cabrini I want to be associated with.

Regards from a Former Supporter,

Katherine "Kit" Hillin

Class of 2003