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To whom it may matter,

Once again I am sending you an email about Coach Dzik and the situation that you have gotten your self into. First I want to congratulate Coach on becoming COACH OF THE YEAR in the PAC. And you are getting rid of him?!?!?! There really is no sense to your madness. Another issue that I inquiring about is why Leslie is not backing Dzik up 100%, if it were not for him, she would not be AD at Cabrini. From what I know, Dzik gave his job to Leslie to pursue a new opportunity in Athletic Advancement to the President, and now she is not backing him up? Hello! You would not have a job without coach Dzik! Another problem that I want to address is that Cabrini will no longer have the legacy that they once have known, for years people have associated Cabrini with an outstanding academic and athletic environment. Now people associate it as a school that does not respect the people (Dzik) that work there and as a backstabbing school. When people ask me where I went to college, I flinch and say Cabrini. I once was happy to say that I came from Cabrini, now I shutter when I think about it. I do not want to sound threatening, but as a teacher, my students ask me if Cabrini is a good school. I advise them not to even look at it, do not spend one dime at that school for it is always changing and not in a good way. My last issue is that I have asked to be taken off the list to contribute money, I am still on this list and I am asking once again to be removed. Now I have a few questions for those who are reading this email:

How much money have you lost since the dismissal of Coach Dzik?

Who do you plan on hiring as a coach?

Are there still people willing to contribute to Cabrini?

What's next for Cabrini?

Are you going to get rid of Dr. Girard and Dr. Hedtke also? I mean they are as important to Cabrini as Dzik is.

And my last question, how do you feel when even the news is against your decision?

Those are just some questions for you to ponder when you read this.

Thank you for your time to read this email and please feel free to respond at any time.

Katie Kempton

Class of 2003