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Antoinette Iadarola
Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

February 14, 2005

Dear Dr. Iadarola,

I join my fellow alumni in sharing my disappointment over Coach Dzik's termination. John Dzik was the number one reason why I made the decision to attend Cabrini College. If it was not for his message to my family, and myself about how wonderful a school Cabrini was, I may have made a different decision. At this moment I wish that I had. You are not only losing a great person, coach and mentor but a top ambassador for your school.

I was a student athlete at Cabrini from 1995-1999 playing for the women's lacrosse team. The athletic program at Cabrini College, which John Dzik developed into what it is today, taught me values like teamwork, leadership and patience.

Your decision to eliminate Coach Dzik from Cabrini College is one that you will surely begin to regret. He connects with the students, do you? He is directly involved in their development not just as athletes but as people, are you? I feel pretty confident assuming that Coach Dzik is more connected to the students of Cabrini College than you are as the president. I feel bad for the students that attend your school today. If you treat dedicated hard working staff this way how do you treat your current student body?

Throughout the Cabrini College mission, it refers to teaching students morals, ethics, and the value of learning not only from what they are taught in the classroom but also from others. Its looks as though, Dr. Iadarola, you do not live by your mission.

I am still proud to say I played Lacrosse at Cabrini College but not that I received my classroom education there. Please remove me from your mailing lists immediately. I no longer wish to receive information from you asking for donations. Any donations that I make will go directly to the Cabrini Women's Lacrosse Team; to be sure that my money is being put to good use and not towards paying the staff to make poor decisions.

Katie Walker

Class of 1999