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Dear Cabrini Administration:

I have been following closely the web pages and news articles that have been created regarding your dismissal of Coach Dzik. It is the newest additions to these stories and pages that have finally brought me to the point of writing this letter.

I cannot say that I personally knew John Dzik during my time at Cabrini College. I did, however, know the students whose lives he was a great influence in. Many of them, to this day, will tell you that they are where they are because of Coach Dzik. He was one of the only Cabrini community members that you would see at almost every campus event, whether it was related to sports, academia, or beyond, Dzik was always there to lend his support to all members of the community. Beyond that, he was a shining example of what Cabrini believes in.

Beyond your dismissal of Coach Dzik, you have now decided to reduce the salaries and benefits of Cabrini faculty and staff. I can only assume this means that Cabrini is failing and rather than adjusting it's ridiculous growth plans it has decided to punish those who matter the most; students, professors, and campus leaders. If Cabrini Administration sincerely believed it what it preaches, education of the heart, you would take a step back and realize that you have nearly destroyed what the College is suppose to be.

Further, in Mrs. Moll's new letter to alumni she states that she understands our loyalty to specific people, yet asks us to remember the greater "overall contribution of the College" to our lives. Quite frankly Mrs. Moll, without the individuals that you are now treating so poorly Cabrini would never have made any contribution to any persons life. Cabrini has the ability to make a difference in students lives because of the people who are there; the Administration and its efforts to raise money, build structures, and preach mission statements has nothing to do with this.

Due to my involvement in law school I have not yet been able to make monetary contributions to Cabrini. I have, however, kept in close contact with a treasured professor of mine, and on several occasions been back to the campus to see him and to talk with his students, so that I could somehow contribute to the community. I spoke very highly of Cabrini and couldn't wait for the day I could show my college to those who matter most in my life. Now, this has all changed.

I assure you the contributions made in our lives by professors, coaches, and fellow students will never be forgotten. We are still waiting, however, for "Cabrini" to begin making theirs. Your latest actions simply show us that our wait is never ending.

With all due respect,

Kristen Williams

Class of 2001