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Robin Moll
Vice President
Institutional Advancement

Dr. Antoinette Iadarola

Dr. Christine Lysionek
Vice President for Student Development
Student Development

Cabrini College
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, Pa. 19807

January 13, 2005

Dear Ms. Moll, Dr. Iadarola and Dr. Lysionek:

I was until today a proud alumnus of Cabrini College. But after reading what your school did to John Dzik I am embarrassed to call myself a Cabrini College graduate. What was done to him was deplorable, reprehensible, and unprofessional.

I was the first west coast basketball recruit to play at Cabrini College and though the college, at the time, provided a tremendous learning environment I went there because of John Dzik. His positive ideals and morals provided me with an excellent example of what a professional educator is. These are the morals and ideals that I take with me into the classroom everyday to help educate my students.

What John Dzik provided to me and many of the other alumni who were blessed with the opportunity to play for him was a father figure that many of us were lacking. He didn't take this job lightly. He took us in and made us part of his extended family that goes way beyond his wife and son. I was 3,000 miles from home and he was the father figure I needed when mine was on the other side of the country.

Being a coach and a teacher who has worked at the high school and collegiate level I have a working knowledge of what goes on in the world of education, and the double talk that was given is so transparent it is laughable and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. The majority of the colleges in the United States have their athletic director evaluate coaches, and in the case of Coach Dzik it was not. That is a total sham. Have the courage of your convictions and say that you wanted to get rid of him for a good reason, i.e. NCAA violations or a bad record. Neither of which is the case. So why didn't the athletic director evaluate him? Answer, someone wants to think that they are more important to the success of the college than he is. I don't want to burst your bubble, but no one administrator is more responsible for the positive image that Cabrini College portrays than John Dzik. But the administration has taken that positive image and thrown it away like yesterday's news.

His accomplishments as coach and athletic director are too numerous to mention. But what he has done is take a tiny Catholic college outside Philadelphia and made it a respected NCAA Division III program. More importantly he has touched the lives of thousands of student-athletes that have gone to Cabrini. That is something no one in the present administration of Cabrini College will ever do.


Lee Clowers

Class of 1987