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The stunning announcement on Tuesday (1/11) of the impending ouster of Coach Dzik is an embarassment and a disgrace to the school!

As a Cabrini Alum (Class of 1990) and former sports editor of The Loquitor, when I heard of this news thru a former player, I was shocked and outraged.

Coach deserves more! The man bleeds blue and has bled blue for more than 25 years! To have him embarking on a tremendous acheivement (500 wins) at another school, whose colors aren't blue, is an absolute joke!

There is a reason why alumni come back for the annual Beef and Beer! - The reason: Coach.

There is a reason why alumni participate in the annual Golf Classic! - The reason: Coach.

There is a reason why alumni stay in touch, looking thru the agate sections of sports pages throughout this nation, to find any Cabrini score we can! - The reason: Coach.

There is a reason why Cabrini, at this writing, is again in first place in the PAC! - The reason: Coach.

Coach cares. Period. That is something that is hard to find these days.

They would never do this in State College - they should'nt do it in Radnor!

This is certainly not a way to develop more BUSINESS for the school and its athletics program.

A sad and angry day in Radnor and for all the people that have bled Blue, past and present!

Lou Monaco

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