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Dear Ms Iadarola:

I am writing to you today with a true concern over the dismissal of John Dzik. I am not an alumnus, but I am a close friend and the sister of Coach Keeley. John Dzik is an unbelievable individual who has dedicated his life to helping young men and women achieve their goals in life. I have been a fan of Cabrini Basketball since John Dzik started there. My whole family is Cabrini Basketball fans.

John Dzik is Cabrini College. Unfortunately, in your decision to dismiss him you failed to realize that. John Dzik has brought revenue into the school since starting that program. This is a man who opened his whole life to these young men and worked with them so they could become prominent members in their communities and in their careers. These men now are your benefactors. Unfortunately, the decision you have made will now stop that revenue stream from flowing into Cabrini College as evidenced by all the letters you have received. Being a businessperson as I am, I truly find it hard to understand as to how you will be able to support your decision to your board of trustees since revenues and contributions will decrease dramatically because of the uneducated decision you have made regarding John Dzik.

Whether you realize it or not John Dzik along with his coaching staff put Cabrini College on the map. There efforts increased your enrollment as not only basketball players came as a result of the recruiting efforts of the basketball staff others came as well due to their high esteem and belief that John Dzik would not steer them wrong regarding their education and their future. I think if you review your records, you will find several individuals in the surrounding areas where John and his wife reside attended Cabrini College over the years and that was due to John Dzik alone.

So you have not only lost a tremendous basketball coach you have also lost a recruiter for your school which again affects the bottom line.

My daughter, who now attends the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, owes a tremendous credit to John Dzik and his wife as John's wife was my daughter's caretaker for the first four years of her life. She regularly attended Cabrini's basketball games along with several other events for the team during her early years. I will never forget the day that John told me that he was taking a course at school so that he could be better equipped to understand my daughter at her early age. That was something I never forgot.

As my daughter grew older, there was no longer a need for Suzie Dzik to care for my daughter but they remained a part of her life even to this day. Being a single parent, it is difficult to raise a child these days but I am proud to say that my daughter is currently on the Dean's List at FIT and this is due in part to the continued support of John and Suzie Dzik.

Keeping all this in mind, I again will state that it is hard for me as well as a tremendous amount of other individuals why a decision like this would be made. The loss of current revenues and contributions added to the loss of potential revenues is not a good business decision any way you look at it. I recognize that given the current situation, it is embarrassing to rescind your decision made previously, but for the sake of the school and for John Dzik, I would truly wish that you reconsider your decision, as the removal of John Dzik will be the downfall of Cabrini College.

A good businessperson will admit when they have made a bad decision and do whatever to rectify the bad decision even at the embarrassment of themselves. Please ask yourself that question are you a good businessperson. If you feel that you are, I would ask that you rectify this situation immediately and make a public apology to John and his family along with the rest of the coaching staff.

I anxiously look forward to your response in the anticipation that you will find the courage to rectify the ill-advised decision you have made.


Margaret (Keeley) Moulder