John Dzik

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John Dzik is the only reason I came to Cabrini and is one of the main reasons I remain associated with the college. He instilled a sense of pride and dedication in me that carries on to this day.

I really didn't know where I was headed when I came to Cabrini, but thanks to Coach Dzik, I am now a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. I am now entering my 19th year of service to your nation, so I know about the commitment the coach has made to Cabrini College.

As a leader of soldiers I am well aware of the impact coach Dzik's had on my life and many more you men (especially) and women throughout his career. Traveling around the country and the world, he has somehow kept me in touch with the school and alumni through the events he's coordinated throughout the years. If not renewing the coach's contract is the treatment he receives from the institution following all these years of dedicated service I'm not sure my association with the school with continue.

Loyalty is one of the values that is the cornerstone to good order and discipline. Measuring Coach Dzik's worth in wins/losses versus the totality of his efforts in changing lives and attitudes around the community would be a shame.

I urge you to reconsider and to bring him back on campus. I am taking leave from the military to come up to the school next weekend to show my support. I owe him alot and I'm a loyal supporter.

Marko Gittens MAJOR,

Corps of Engineers U.S. Army

Class of 1990