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Dr. Iadarola,

It has taken me some time to get back to your "form" email. I have been hoping that things would have changed. I hoped you would have had a change of heart and renewed Coach John Dzik's contract. It seems as of this date you have not.

I have heard that you have only gotten responses from a few "angry" alumni. Why won't you answer the questions of the alumni? Why do you sit on your perch and disregard the alumni? Dr. Iadarola, you and your staff are not preaching the values of loyalty and fair play that Mother Ursula would have wanted. You talk about values yet yours are in question. The Cabrini Community does deserve answers. This is not a business decision you are making. You and your staff have something personal against John Dzik. You can deny it with all consultants and your spin control. But you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

John Dzik deserves to go out on his own. Has he done something so reprehensible that he should be terminated? Is it that he doesn't agree with you? What is it? Please explain.

Your own core values state:

Community calls for: common mission ethical responsibility a sense of belonging dialogue in decision making enthusiasm for the enterprise participation in the celebration of our values and traditions The Cabrini College community seeks to maintain an environment of receptivity and hospitality for all and create union while nurturing individual gifts and talents.

You have gone against your core values that the college has put in place. You must make the right decision and that is to keep John Dzik. He's been there longer than you. He has done more good for Cabrini than you have. John Dzik will be remembered for many things. You will be known for ONE. THAT YOU FIRED JOHN DZIK!

I have a heavy heart. I love Cabrini. I love the campus. But I can't in good conscious support a college that would do this to a man such as John Dzik. Do this to its students and alumni. Do this to the community.

So is with deepest regrets that I will no longer support the college. Not one dime. I won't tell any student to go there. Not one High School student, not one graduate student, no one. I will actually encourage them not to go. As long as you are there, those of your staff that support your decision are there and the board that supports it is still there I WILL NEVER GIVE THE COLLEGE ANOTHER PENNY. Please take me off your mailing list. Do not send me anymore correspondence. Until you do what is right that is: Give John Dzik the respect he deserves. Give him a new contract and apologize for your heinous decision.

Also, do not send me a form e-mail back. If you don't have the intestinal fortitude to send it back yourself. Don't bother.

You know Coach has given a lot to his students and players alike. Maybe you guys should be mentored by him you might learn something about loyalty and commitment!!!


Michael A. Fallon '87