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Dear Dr Iadarola,

It is with immense distress that I am writing this letter. As I am sure you know Cabrini has been getting a tremendous amount of publicity recently due to the ridiculous manner in which John Dzik was fired. I come from a family with rich Cabrini tradition; both of my brothers have received undergraduate degrees and are poised to complete their masters this spring. I attended Cabrini briefly during my collegiate career as well. I have always felt loyalty and love for the college, mainly due to how well my family and I were treated. I can now see that my feelings were underserved, and most certainly one-sided.

How can you discard a man who spent nearly half of his life teaching and coaching your students? This man has had a tremendous impact on many lives, not to mention his impact on my family. Let me give you an idea of what kind of man you are throwing away. My brother John played basketball at Cabrini from 1994-1998 and continued to coach up to 2005. He had no previous basketball experience prior to attending Cabrini. Lets be honest, he’s no Bill Russell (I’ll save you the yahoo search, he was a great basketball player). There was no reason for Coach Dzik to keep him around, there were certainly better players, but Coach Dzik knew how much the team meant to him. I was there the day my brother started his only varsity game, my whole family was there, my aunts, uncles, grandmother. I think if you asked my brother it would rank as one of the proudest moments of his life. My brother’s college experience was enhanced due to this man. John Dzik was rewarding my brother for his hard work, selflessness, dedication. Who is going to return the favor to John Dzik?

I attended the alumni event this month as well as Coach Dzik’s last game. I noticed something interesting. Why was there no representative from the administration at either event? Again I go back to the question of loyalty: it’s bad enough that you unceremoniously dismissed a Cabrini legend, however it is inexcusable to overlook Coach Dzik's accomplishments. Some sort of ceremony is certainly in order, if not compulsory. It is your fiduciary responsibility to honor this man. It is a disgrace that the alumni had to provide an award. Where was the college? When some thirty year professor you force out to pasture retires I’m sure they are honored. The “John Dzik Center” sounds appropriate, perhaps a statue overlooking the current athletic facility, similar to “Touchdown Jesus” at Notre Dame.

How do you think Mother Cabrini would feel? How would the Pope feel? What about your student-athletes, have you taken the time to speak to any of them about this matter? I know that you ignore the alumni (unless of course they bring their checkbooks). How about the community? I’ll save you the effort; they are all ashamed of you right now.

In conclusion, I feel that your administrations behavior regarding this matter is shameful! I am embarrassed to be affiliated with Cabrini College. Spare me the form letter reply, save the thirty-seven cents. That’s what this is all about right? Money, greed, gluttony; the new philosophy at Cabrini College. I suggest you visit www.keepjohndzik.com and take a good hard look; your constituency is talking and you are not listening. For the record there is no such thing as a state title in College basketball! Pay attention, do your homework, and follow the mission of the college:

“In its commitment to educate students of different backgrounds and abilities to lead and serve in a changing and culturally diverse world, the College believes in an educational philosophy that not only prepares students for careers, but enables them to live lives of dignity and purpose.”

I suggest you and your staff take a good hard look at your actions and react to the Cabrini community. The news media certainly has. This is only the beginning of continuing embarrassment to your institution. I hope Coach Dzik takes a job at a competing college and embarrasses you, much as you have embarrassed his family and friends.

“We strive for a reverence of self and others manifested in trust and appreciation”

God speed, and may he forgive you for your atrocious behavior and ghastly tact.

A former friend and supporter of Cabrini College,

Michael A. Mack