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Dear Dr. Iadarola,

Iím writing today on behalf of John Dzik as well as the Cabrini Community. It has become obvious the administration have made a significantly short sighted decision in terminating John Dzik as the Menís Varsity basketball coach. Though I never knew Coach Dzik personally, I know many of the former student athletes that he coached, and the fondness and respect that they had, and years later continue to have for him is unsurpassed.

Iím sure it doesnít need to be said, but this decision has far reaching repercussions. To date, 240 alumni, parents, and friends of Cabrini have voiced nothing but respect for this man, and contempt for his termination.

I recently heard that Dzikís anger with the news that he would have to use personal time to fulfill some of his responsibilities as the varsity coach was a motivating factor for your decision (Comcast SportsNet SportsNITE); that his distain with this decision would adversely affect him as a coach. These, as well as the other questionable factors that may have contributed to his termination reek of personal vendetta. For Dzik to have contributed so much of his life to this school, both on the court and off, only to be unceremoniously dismissed on your terms is telling of your character.

Though Iím all but certain your inability to view this situation as it actually is, and not as you imagine it to be, will prevent the reversal of the decision, I must ask that you reconsider. This school belongs to the alumni as much as it does the Office of the President. The voices of the hundreds of students, alumni, and friends must count for more than that of your own.

As John Dzik and his coaching staff prepare for the end of their careers at Cabrini, they do so with the knowledge that they leave behind a legacy of tradition and excellence. You too, Dr. Iadarola, begin to establish your mark on the college. Unfortunately the legacy left by Coach Dzik, and your own stamp on the school, is miles apart. For the alumni, future alumni, parents and friends of the college I ask that you reinstate John Dzik and allow him, the true measure of Cabrini, to continue in his present role with the college.

Thank you,

Mike McGann

Class of 2000