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January 13, 2005

To: Cabrini Community

Re: Credibility of the College

Until recently I was a proud graduate of Cabrini College. Cabrini was a special sanctuary keeping out the corruptness of the world. Here, one could learn within a caring environment to make a difference through the education of the heart and mind. Cabrini has taught me not to accept “no” as an answer and how to battle fiercely when solving any issue or problem on any level. I have learned to find solutions in all aspects of my life and improve the quality of life for our society in both the workplace and in the field of education. Critically thinking and seeking truth is one way to solve an issue or problem. Grass root movements and listening are the beginning to the above.

Well, fellow alumni and current students, we all have a serious problem which tests the credibility of the college to deal with today. How does one look on passively as John Dzik is perniciously ousted? My feelings of pride have turned to shame and embarrassment. John is more than an employee; he is the heart and soul of the college. The best role model one could have. The man is loyal, fair, and passionate. His actions have taken Cabrini further than any new building, new marketing strategy, or site development plan put forth by a board of directors.

Cabrini can no longer be called my second home anymore. I am truly ashamed and sorry. Elements of power, control, greed, and conflicts of interest have seized the heart of the college. These elements exercised through newly appointed staff who do not realize the negative impact to the Cabrini community challenge both the integrity and core values set forth by our founder. The institution has become devalued, less than ordinary and incongruent with its mission. One may even call circumstances blasphemous. Cabrini has been scarred.

To this end, as a graduate with both a Bachelors and Masters Degree from this ailing institution, I call on fellow alumni to stop giving and supporting the college until we are given back John Dzik unconditionally.

Will the person responsible for this display of power please resign immediately? One does not earn respect by crushing the very heart of the college. John is the epitome of hard work and gives everyone a voice. He truly educates the hearts and minds of all; not just athletes. This is the true cornerstone of the institution. He is a symbol of strength, dedication, and pride. I personally challenge anyone to show a better display of loyalty.

Obviously someone else who was not there in the past needs a Cabrinian education. Do not use carefully selected puppets to accomplish your hidden agendas or go on vacations. Speak the truth like John does! Without truth there is no credibility. Face truth in a cavalier way and resign your position if you truly care about the well-being of the college. You are no longer a healthy role model for the community.

As we all know, those little envelopes for donations arrive promptly without fail. The marketing campaign has stepped up its efforts since the 1980’s. But what do we get in return besides pretty correspondence and impressive resumes from board members? I feel as though I am on the sucker list.

Therefore, I have been supporting basketball directly through the “Hall of Fame”, Banner Booster club and private donations. I know the money is well used since the budgets are ridiculous for athletics. However I must question what will happen to the percentage of alumni giving required for grants or the Middle States Evaluations that take place which professors work so hard to comply. Why bother if this is what we get in return. Where is our voice?

Athletics and academics are of equal value in maintaining the growth of Cabrini College. John understands this in addition to others who have recently been shown the door to set the stage for John’s ousting. Please realize you are acting wrongly. What right does one person have to destroy our credibility? Let John finish out his tenure and retire with dignity and we will all be better for it. With your resignation credibility will have been restored and the Cabrini community will live on without shame.

Once again I beg of you to resign and not sell out the core values of the college. The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart may agree. After all, your position would not have existed without John Dzik. Please for the future of Cabrini reevaluate yourself! We live in difficult times as it is and without John, Cabrini will be a void institution with dwindling enrollment if you do not do the right thing.

Incidentally, I am an educator not an athlete who was recruited by John Dzik. John gave me an opportunity when others would not and I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, Kappa Gamma and received nominations for best young educator of the year. I am also a cash customer. Unfortunately I have found out Cabrini is just a business now. Except for a handful of professors and John Dzik, Cabrini College stands for nothing. Cabrini has become a big loser now in many ways.


Paul W. Engel III

Class of 1988

Cc: Dr. Hedtke All Alumni & Board Countless others