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To: antoinette.iadarola@cabrini.edu

Subject: JOHN DZIK

As a graduate of Cabrini, I always look for good news from and for the school. I constantly check on our athletic teams to see how ALL of them our doing. It is with great disgust I must write to you about John Dzik.There are not many things in this world, country etc..... that are long standing or have tradition. You have one here in John Dzik. I cannot believe the stories I am reading nor do I like them. You have someone special who can create special things at any given moment for your college and you are willing to just toss that away. Well I am willing to speak and I will speak by discontinuing my support of your school in any way shape or form, until matters are corrected. Its a shame that in this era of history when I am trying to teach my 6 year old son about tradition and long term achievements, the very college I graduated from needs to learn the same lesson.

Paul McCarry

Class of 2001