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January 13, 2005

Cabrini College

610 King of Prussia Rd.

Radnor, PA 19087-3698

To Whom It May Concern:

It is time to ask why! John Dzik and his wife Sue have been good friends of ours for many years. We attended the same high school, though our relationship did not grow until their son Michael played on a basketball team I was coaching in early 1980. During this time I was also coaching local high school girlís basketball. John extended an invitation to my teams and their families to attend Cabrini College ladies and menís basketball games. It has been over twenty years since that Saturday in Old Sacred Heart Hall Gym. Many of those young players and their parents have now walked through your doors as fans and graduates of Cabrini College. The parents and their sons and daughters were so impressed by the interest and passion John expressed talking about Cabrini College. Our children brought their friends to the games their friends brought their families and we became part of the ďCabrini familyĒ. I found myself riding with John to meet with the parents and students he would recruit for Cabrini College. Listing to John talk about Cabrini College with such compassion and commitment made it easy to understand why many of the young people recruited by John committed to Cabrini College. We watched as John followed his student athletes through Cabrini, always there to listen if needed, making sure the his players kept their grades up even taking students into his home if they needed a place to stay. John was proud to be part of Cabrini, as friends we were privileged to share in that pride.

In 1995 when our daughter graduated from Cabrini College my family felt we became a true part of the Cabrini family. In 2003 we celebrated again when our daughter- in law (from Pittsburgh) chose Cabrini College to obtain her Masters in Education. We have celebrated with nine other graduates of Cabrini College that where former players and friends. We were strong ambassadors to the programs and activities at Cabrini College. We watched John take his teams to the NCAA playoffs, we watched as he worked to create the PAC, a conference others said would never be competitive. John proved them wrong!!! We watched as Cabriniís population became more diverse (something John also worked on as he recruited.) As the basketball program grew John often talked of having a bigger facility, one that could properly host a NCAA playoff. For years John continued to build the athletic program at Cabrini (first as Admissions Director, later as AD). John hired good coaches, started new programs (like a golf team, womenís soccer, tennis, etc.) attracting student athletes, taking athletics at Cabrini to a higher level at the same time earning respect from the athletic and academic communities.

When I learned of Johnís resigning as Director of Athletics at Cabrini College it again showed me his extraordinary love, dedication and sacrifice for the betterment of Cabrini College. John Dzik stepped aside to allow Leslie Danehy the opportunity to become the Director of Athletics while securing the future of athletics and the nurturing of the athletic programs as he observed from his newly appointed position created by Toni Iadarola.

Toni Iadarolaís handling of this matter should be taken as a warning to any employee who thinks they are a committed and loyal employee of this institution! The manner in which Cabrini College and Toni Iadarola have chosen to remove John Dzik is a true EMBARASSMENT to Cabrini College and to the principles of this College!!!

Our family thinks it is time to ask WHY! 

  • Why after twenty - five years of coaching (Cabrini College Basketball) was John asked to use his vacation when his duties took him of campus? ∑ Why would his contract not be renewed?
  • Why after twenty-five years of serving Cabrini College is John Dzik being asked to leave? ∑ Why has Toni Iadarola made herself unavailable to address questions in regard to this embarrassing situation?
  • Why would Cabrini College remove one of its most dedicated employees before his 500th career win?
  • Why would Cabrini remove John Dzik before it celebrates its 50th Anniversary?

John Dzik bleeds Cabrini blue, his heart and soul is Cabrini College, and he is one of her cornerstones! We have seen first hand the blood, sweat and tears he has put into helping to build this school, but most importantly we have seen his pride and commitment!

This can only have a negative impact on Cabriniís future, its recruited student athletes and itís athletic programs.

I am hereby formally requesting you remove our names and phone number and any other contact information from you office on March 18, 2005.

Sincerely yours,

Ron (Ralph) and Lin Roam

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