John Dzik

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President Iadarola,

Next time you write a response to an e-mail regarding athletics you may want to check your facts. State Championships????

Wednesday evening I watched as John Dzik coached his last regular season game. This night will be most likely be remembered as one of the saddest days in Cabrini history. John coached like the professional he is and as difficult as that night must have been for him he conducted himself with dignity and grace. John was supported that evening by family, friends, former athletes (in all sports), alumni and coaches.

You may have fired him but you will NEVER destroy the Dzik legacy. YOU will remembered as the President who fired John, that is YOUR legacy. My association with Cabrini ends March l8th, 2005, this comes with a heavy heart we are a family mourning a loss. John Dzik is not only a great coach he is a good person he WILL be back on the court again and when he is we will all be there to support him!


Lin Roam