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Dr. Iadarola:

As a (1999) graduate of Cabrini and as someone who worked in the sports department of the Loquitur during my time, I am disappointed in the treatment of basketball coach John Dzik. While I was not an athlete, I knew coach Dzik well enough by reporting for the paper to believe the college is losing a valuable contributor to its community and a fine person overall. Dzik has put 25 years of service and dedication into the well-being of students and student-athletes and his reward is his dismissal over seemingly nothing?

As a result of the treatment of coach Dzik, I would request that you take off any mailing/calling lists for donations to the college. I made one already toward the directory, but will not make another one until the college changes its policies.

It's a shame it's come down to this for an icon of Cabrini.

Ron D'Orazio

Class of 1999